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Experian Marketing Services Client Summit Recap

I finally had time to wind down from the Experian Marketing Services Client Summit last week in Las Vegas and put down a few of my thoughts. First, I just have to say that this was once again a great event. It was wonderful networking with marketers from all over the country and learning best practices.

There was certainly no shortage of great content. Here is a recap of some of my favorite sessions:

  • Erik Wahl

Erik Wahl is an internationally recognized graffiti artist, and a #1 best selling business author. He inspired all of us to think more creatively. He talked about how we all lose our creative side as we get older and are told to think more analytically, however, as marketers, we need to be creative to drive new innovations within our business. Find an outlet to explore your creative space and make the time. It will pay off. And oh yeah, the smell of Crayola Crayons reduces your blood pressure, so keep a box of crayons with you and don’t be afraid to take a hit!

  • Spotlight on the Experian Marketing Suite

The Marketing Suite continues to get better and better. For background, the Experian Marketing Suite is the world's most flexible and comprehensive cloud-based marketing platform. More than 10,000 of the world's leading brands, in over than 30 countries, are using the Experian Marketing Suite to create and deliver intelligent interactions with their customers, every time. Publisher’s Clearing House walked us through how they are using the Experian Marketing Suite to better target customers across all channels and interact with them more intelligently.

  • Rise of the Internet of Things

This rise of the "Internet of Things" is rapidly improving efficiency, user experience and brand engagement. I learned about new devices that are being connected to the internet that marketers could use in the future. Before we know it, we will be able to leverage channels like someone’s refrigerator or even there thermostat. Tons of interesting new devices connected to the internet that can provide us with great insight.

  • Better leverage your data

Thanks to all of those who attended my session with Jenna Constantino. We had a blast talking about the state of data within businesses today and how marketers can take tactical steps to improve their own data quality, especially around the most essential piece of marketing data: contact data. Click here to learn more about how Experian Data Quality can help improve your contact data.

I personally came back with so many great ideas and can’t wait to implement them. You can find more photos of the event on the Experian Marketing Services Facebook page. Until next year!