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Experian QAS enhances address verification package

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Experian QAS has announced its partnership with SugarCRM to further enhance its address verification software package.

The move has been designed to further enhance a customer's experience, reduce business costs and improve businesses' marketing and sales initiatives.

QAS for SugarCRM verifies and standardizes prospect and customer addresses in real time, which leads to more effective communications and less returned mail.

David Northridge, vice president of client retention at Experian QAS, welcomed the move and claimed that it would be beneficial to SugarCRM's existing customer base.

"A physical mailing address can affect overall sales and marketing success, not just direct mail deliveries," he said.

"We are excited to work with SugarCRM and look forward to helping their clients achieve the benefits that accurate address data can bring."

The two companies will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday June 29th, with inaccurate and incomplete addresses a focal point of discussion.

Earlier this year, Experian QAS teamed up with Demandware to offer an address matching service to boost consumers' online shopping experience.

Posted by Richard Jones