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Experian QAS software implementation 'a success'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Address verification tools can be an effective way for businesses to minimize unnecessary expenses, it has been suggested.

TCM Net cites the experience of online retailer which found that inaccurate and incomplete customer data provided by customers during checkout was leading to wasted time, money and unsatisfied customers.

However, the organization decided to implement Experian QAS's QAS ProWeb software to verify customer addresses.

Working at the checkout stage, the tool automatically corrects minor mistakes and prompts customers to fix errors.

The results of implementing the address verification software have been a success according to Steve Tryon, senior vice-president of logistics at

"We've managed to improve our customer data, reduce costs and provide a better customer experience - all while staying way ahead of the ROI," he concluded.

" is thrilled with the first class products and services that have been provided; Experian QAS is clearly an industry leader."

Indeed, Experian QAS added that the software had helped reduce its logistical and care costs by $1 million, TCN Net said.

Posted by Richard Jones