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Experian QAS tools boosting customer service

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Address verification software provider Experian QAS has announced that a leading motorcycle accessory company is now utilizing its technology.

J&P Cycles has purchased the QAS Pro Web tool for its call center operations as a means of boosting its customer service levels, reduce returned mail and prevent duplicate addresses being stored on systems.

"Our main focus is customer service," said Tim Barcz, senior manager of e-commerce at J&P Cycles. "We want to make sure that when you order a product from us, you get that package in a timely fashion. We see address verification as one more piece of the customer service pie to help us ensure customer satisfaction."

Indeed, Experian QAS explains that by collecting accurate customer contact information the all-round customer online shopping experience can be improved, as well as laying the foundations for future sales opportunities.

In addition, J&P Cycles is confident that the address validation software will help to ensure the accuracy of address data and act as a cost saving measure for marketing campaigns.

Posted by Richard Jones