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Expert: Direct marketing can just say hello

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies should sometimes just use direct marketing to say hello to customers and let them know they are thinking of them.

Frank Defino, vice president and managing director at Tukaiz, writing in his column for BtoB magazine, said using direct marketing in this way can work in a similar way to a handshake.

"Making your mailing reflective of your genuine care will put recipients at ease because there isn't a specific call to action," he added.

The expert said that the objective is not making a sale in the near future, but garnering trust in the client and cultivating "truly engaged clients".

This process can work in small steps, first by making customers smile, then constructing a marketing strategy around these emotions and creating a message which resonates with the client's main motivation, Mr Defino tells the magazine.

An effective marketing strategy should also be measurable, equating how many leads are converted into sales, with three-quarters of firms questioned by marketing automation leader Eloqua thinking effective measurement will make their company more competitive.