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Expert: Get staff behind new CRM systems

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies wanting to create change and dynamism in their company should employ a customer relationship management (CRM) system and teach staff how to effectively use it.

James Wong, co-founder and chief executive officer of Avidian Technologies, writing for PC World, says a guaranteed way to increase sales is to implement a system which monitors the deals being made.

However, the expert admits that the potential challenge is getting staff to accept the new system and convert their habits, which can be done more easily by employers if done right.

One suggestion is to keep the implementation simple, as sales teams will not want anything which increases their workload.

Managers should also inform staff of how the new software will benefit them, not just the company, and should implement it one bit at a time to avoid overwhelming employees.

Regular audits are another idea suggested by Mr Wong, as they will pick up on any staff who are failing to keep up to date with practices and getting into bad habits.

The expert's comments are backed up by, which says a common failure of implementing the software is not getting the whole team behind the technology.