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Expert offers direct mail pointers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The first step to creating a successful direct mail campaign is to grab potential customers' attention, it has been suggested.

According to an article for Target Marketing Magazine, creating a connection and offering the consumer something they want needs to be high on the list of priorities for any marketing professional.

Speaking to the news provider, Patrick Fultz, president of DM Creative Group, explained that practitioners should utilize all the technology at their disposal to create a memorable and striking campaign.

"Marketers must be careful that their packages don't all start to look the same. They can have different types, colors and pictures, but when all are put next to each other, they are really the same design and look," he told the magazine.

Furthermore, the expert recommended interacting with customers by using engaging headlines or quirky features.

Meanwhile, Advertising Direct Mail recently claimed that customization is the key benefit of direct mail pieces.

The ability to change the information that you place on mailpieces can be an effective way of progressing a business and building a loyal customer base, the news provider said.

Posted by Paul Newman