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Expert: Only the better small retailers use Twitter

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Small retailers are not using Twitter and other social media as part of their eCommerce technology strategy, it has been claimed.

Professor Joshua Bamfield, director of the Centre for Retail Research, said that the market is "sharply segmented", with larger organizations taking an active role in social media and smaller firms neglecting the technology.

He suggested that this may be because in the current climate they are very busy, they may not have the skills to engage in eCommerce technology or may not see the benefit of it.

"My feeling is that probably only the better smaller retailers are using Twitter, and those that have got an interest in it. The same comments could be made about the use of Facebook," Professor Bamfield said.

His comments follow research by Virgin Media Business, which revealed that retailers are not making the most of Twitter, with only nine per cent of the firms polled claiming to use the social media platform for business purposes.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler