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Expert outlines governance collaboration

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Putting together a comprehensive data quality and governance program can be a complex, multifaceted process. Data is varied, used for a number of different purposes within companies. TechTarget recently queried consultant Danette McGilary about components that could improve governance programs and keep information usable.

McGilvary stated that business departments should be part of the governance process. She explained that users from such sections bring knowledge of how information is actually used, and are therefore able to specify what characteristics of it are most important. From there, IT users can devise the actual system that will keep the data safe.

"If there are people on the technology side who are aware of the need [for data governance] and are willing to step up to the plate and lead that effort, then we should go with that. But we need to bring in the business side as well, as quickly as possible," McGivary told TechTarget.

Marketing departments may make themselves part of the governance processes of their own accord, Forrester researcher Srividya Sridharan recently told the Wall Street Journal. According to the source, information has become increasingly vital to sales processes, leading to an increased participation in efforts.