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Expert predicts marketing improvements

Rachel Wheeler Archive
During 2010, there were a number of developments within the search and social media sectors, it has been reported.

Indeed, a number of search platforms and online marketing bodies used the year to launch and improve their offerings, with 2011 likely to see more of the same.

Writing for DM News, Brian Goffman, chief executive officer of Optify, forecast that the New Year will see marketers increasingly focus on optimizing their online strategies for preview.

"In the past, users haven't had the option of seeing a website they're interested in by any other means than clicking through," Mr Goffman said.

"Users can be more discerning in selecting from results than ever before, giving publishers another hoop to jump through in driving traffic and a significant optimization for which to account."

The marketing expert added that he expected mobile strategies to also play an increasingly important role in 2011, in line with the explosion of smartphone adoption and usage.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler