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Expert warns of 'cookie-cutter' data quality strategies

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A data quality expert has warned firms against firms adopting "cookie-cutter" data quality strategies that have been used in past projects.

Each situation requires a unique perspective, said Dylan Jones, founder of Data Quality Pro.

He added: "There is a similar danger here of simply adopting a data quality framework from a renowned expert and converting this into your data quality strategy. To your peers and seniors a published framework may look detailed and thorough but is it right for your organisation?

"This should be a warning sign - there is no 'paint-by-numbers' strategy for data quality."

Mr Jones advised that what firms need to consider when adopting their data quality strategies is that they must consider what it is they want out of the project - to set a clear goal to aim towards.

Earlier this month, small and medium-sized businesses highlighted the need for data quality in their firms and expressed optimism for the advancements in the field in 2010.