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Extra data quality checks are needed to improve standards

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality practitioners should take the time to ensure that problems encountered through matching are kept to a minimum.

Writing for the Data Quality Chronicle, William Sharp claims that organizations could benefit from further data quality checks to make sure that information collected through duplication was correct.

The data expert explains that although the majority of businesses and analysts only go through one round of checks to validate results, there are several benefits to introducing another certifying process.

"I now firmly believe that I need to include a process to analyze and, if necessary, remediate the existence of false negatives in my future matching routines," Mr Sharp says.

Earlier this year, a study by Forbes Insights revealed that data-related problems were costing large companies in excess of $5 million every year.

Of those questioned, 95 per cent of executives agreed that information management is a critical component of business success, while 85 per cent believe that it should be treated as a strategic asset.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler