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Facebook changes marketing structure with Featured Stories

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Facebook has expanded the marketing offering it provides retailers with the introduction of Featured Stories.

This sees paid content being placed directly into consumers' news feeds, ensuring they are placed at the heart of the user experience.

A spokeswoman for the social networking site has revealed that it plans to slowly roll-out Featured Stories to all users, with each receiving an average of one per day.

"By no means are we planning to fill the news feed with these Featured Stories," she clarified.

Internet Retailer claims that the introduction of Featured Stories is "Facebook’s most substantial integration of paid and organic content in several years," due to the fact that they will be placed so prominently on the user's page.

Facebook is set to face a class action law suit from disgruntled users who do not want their profiles to be used in marketing campaigns. Currently, pressing the 'like' button on a Sponsored Story allows the firm to use a person's name and image endorsing the same company.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler