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Facebook 'not effective' at driving ecommerce sales

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Despite its global reach and apparent importance as a marketing platform, a new report has suggested that in its current form Facebook is not an effective medium for driving ecommerce sales.

Forrester Research is due to publish a study this Thursday (April 14th) entitled 'Will Facebook Ever Drive eCommerce'.

Ahead of its publication, the Wall Street Journal has detailed the main points of the research, which took into account the views of nearly two dozen technology vendors, retailers and marketers.

Forrester Research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru claimed that at present ecommerce activities are not boosted by the site.

A social-network presence, she found, was less effective at customer acquisition and retention than email and paid search, with the average Facebook metrics offering a one per cent click-through rate and a two per cent conversion rate.

This can be compared to email marketing which boasts an 11 per cent click-through rate and four per cent average conversion rate.

Ms Mulpuru explained that the primary problem faced by the social networking site is that too few people go there for shopping-related activities.

"You go to Facebook to find other people, not to find a product," she told the news provider.

Posted by Richard Jones