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Facebook still top social network for marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Facebook remains the best social media platform for most online merchants to market their products - for now.

This is the view of analysts at eMarketer, who feel that services like Twitter and Google+ have more work to do to match the power of Facebook as a marketing tool.

Twitter has proven popular but the marketing possibilities are only now beginning to be realized, while Google+ has lots of potential, but is still in its early stages, commented eMarketer analyst Kimeberly Maul.

Importantly, the launch of Google+ has also not yet affected the amount of time people spend on other social networks.

"Facebook still reigns when it comes to user base and online marketing. Companies realize they must be present on Facebook, and are only now getting more involved in other sites like Twitter," Ms Maul said.

However, recent research from eMarketer has suggested that ad revenue on Twitter is set to increase by 210 per cent by the end of this year, when compared to 2010.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler