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February is 'month of direct mail'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
February is the month of direct mail for many small businesses, it has been claimed.

Firms operating in the heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) sector as well as in lawn maintenance use this period to attract new customers as the temperatures begin to rise, according to industry news source Target Marketing.

Companies in these sectors often purchase their direct mailing lists around this time, as they can target local single-family dwellings easily, by basing it on their home market value and the household's income.

Justin Suter of the American Lawn Company, which operates out of Madison, Wisconsin, said that the move to use direct mail services was a positive one.

He told the news site: "In these economic times you need to spend your money wisely and I can honestly say that purchasing a mailing list was money well spent."

"We've been very happy with instant results that make it possible for us to contact thousands of potential customers in just days."