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Financial groups 'dissatisfied with CRM solutions'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Ease of use is regarded by the finance sector as the most essential feature of customer relationship management (CRM) software, it has been revealed.

A study of private equity, venture capital and alternative asset community groups carried out by Touch Ahead Software also found that 42 out of the 55 companies questioned about satisfaction responded that they were unhappy with their current CRM solution.

Some 21.4 per cent ranked schedule management as the most important feature, while 14.3 per cent named the ability to get a clear snapshot as the most vital element.

Furthermore, 52.6 per cent of organisations stated that they had not changed their CRM software in the last three years and 60.4 per cent said they did not make use of business information services.

Last week, Tony Somers, from the Capital Media Group, told that organisations using CRM software with a high level of data quality should ensure that they understand what consumers want in order to establish long-lasting relationships.