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Firms ignoring smartphone threats, says expert

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Many organizations have failed to understand the impact that smartphones have on data management and security.

That is the view of intellectual property security specialists Warwick Hill Group, which claims that firms' desire to mobilize their workforce is increasing faster than their understanding of security issues.

Smartphone sales have grown 74 per cent year-on-year and are now used throughout the business world to check emails, or access work-based applications, as well as being used for personal needs.

Warwick Hill chairman says that the biggest danger is that threat levels on mobile platforms are not yet fully understood.

"A smartphone raises key security issues, which many organizations have not fully realized yet or, if they have, they may not have taken appropriate measures to ensure network safety," he added.

However, David Akka, director for Magic Software Enterprises, says that it is important that firms embrace the use of all mobile platforms and learn to develop their data management processes accordingly.

Posted by Paul Newton