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Firms 'miss out on CRM research'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Many businesses are using customer relationship management (CRM) systems that they are not happy with because they are unable to gather enough unbiased information when screening potential applications, it has been claimed.

According to social networking community Independent IT Analyst, organisations should obtain at least three references not selected by the vendor and use this feedback when making their choice.

James Fahey, founder and chief executive of the group, commented: "The information available to the technology evaluator has potential bias and inaccuracy that skews the decision-making process and organisations need to do a better job of uncovering unbiased information about the potential CRM vendors."

He went on to say that research carried out by the group indicates organisations do not know what they really need and many stakeholders in the selection process are inexperienced.

Earlier this week, studies by web-based applications developer Touch Ahead Software found that 76.4 per cent of companies claim they are dissatisfied with their current CRM system.