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Firms 'must make better use of high-quality databases'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses need to make better use of their databases and cleaning the data is only the first step, an expert asserts.

Dan McDade, founder and president of PointClear, tells Sales and Marketing that firms should run database cleaning initiatives but also look at adding prioritization values to identify the best sales projects.

He emphasises the importance of correcting inaccurate information but says it is vital that the best names in a lead database are identified for companies.

"[Firms] spend huge amounts of time and money making a grab for all the marbles, when they would be better off identifying and focusing on the ones of highest value," he suggests.

Mr McDade tells the news provider that focusing on high-value prospects can enable businesses to cut their total spend while increasing sales performance, highlighting the crucial role of data quality.

Earlier this month, reported that data quality is becoming more important for customer relationship management (CRM) software.