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Firms should avoid common CRM pitfalls

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies using customer relationship management (CRM) systems should avoid common pitfalls which lead to failing, including sticking with the same setup for a number of years.

Advice from David Taber, writing in ITWorld, stated businesses' needs and ways of working will alter over the years, meaning their CRM system should too.

He added that new leadership, sales tactics and shifts in market strategy will all affect how people work and this needs to be reflected in changes to the computer system.

Another error Mr Taber stated many firms fall into is trying to get too much out of their CRM program, attempting to meet many individual goals alongside the company aims.

Focusing on costs, rather than the impact CRM has on the business, is another error bosses should avoid making.

It is an easy trap to fall into, especially in the current climate, but Mr Taber said that any cost analysis should look across a three or five-year span.

He added: "The business results of doing a proper CRM system should totally trump costs."

Mr Taber's comments follow advice from James Wong, co-founder and chief executive officer of Avidian Technologies, writing for PC World, who says staff should be taught how to effectively use the system for it to be successful.