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Firms 'should consider how to measure cost savings'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies must consider how they will measure cost savings obtained by rolling out technologies, which could include customer relationship management (CRM), an expert asserts.

Jim Harte, executive director of 601 Information Systems, tells that a number of the savings can be quantified but others are harder to define.

He states that factors such as the expansion of organizational capacity can be difficult to measure, as too many elements affect its success, companies considering deploying CRM may be interested to discover.

"We treat technology as a tool. In order to understand what tool I need, I have to define the problem and desired results," he asserts.

Mr Harte tells the website that it is important for companies to identify potential sources of problems and bottlenecks before considering the technological solution to roll out.

Errol James, president of Trigent Software, recently claimed that businesses are investing in CRM as a way of improving efficiency.