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Firms 'should embrace data quality'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations should embrace good data quality practices before bad data "repeatedly 'bites' critical business decisions".

While convincing businesses of the importance of adopting good data quality can be tough, making sure that they are aware of the negative effects that poor data quality could have is essential, according to Jim Harris of DataFlux.

He added that many of the companies that experience problems caused by bad data would be the same ones who ignored calls for greater data governance, which shows data quality professionals that relaying the importance of the practice is crucial.

Writing on the company's blog, Mr Harris said: "Without question, data governance is very disruptive to an organization's status quo. It requires considerable patience, understanding, and dedication because it will require a strategic enterprise-wide transformation that doesn't happen overnight.

"However, data governance is also data's best friend. And in order for your organization to be successful, you have to realize that data is also your best friend. Data governance will help you take good care of your data, which in turn will take good care of your business."