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Firms told to reconsider approach to data security

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies have been urged to pay close attention to how their data management operations are secured.

According to Mark Dempster, associate of the Centre for Cyber Security, most companies with a security risk do not even realize they have a problem.

Although firms often lose data, Mr Dempster continues, very few actually stop to consider exactly how and why the incident occurred, instead putting it down to typical operational problems.

Should firms conduct more extensive investigations when these issues occur, many subsequent data losses could be prevented.

"Cyber security issues are affecting many areas and the destructive nature of the incident can vary from the annoying, like spam, to the catastrophic - a total loss of the company's critical product design information," he said.

However, Gavin Michael, Accenture's chief technology officer, says that there is an ongoing "evolution" in the way that IT professionals view data security.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler