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Firms urged to consider data management benefits of unified storage

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Almost every company will improve their standard of data management by using unified storage, an expert suggests.

Bob Plumridge, chairman of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Europe, says firms across the globe should consider switching to one single type of storage for all their applications.

Doing so will make data management easier, as well as streamline the operation and reduce costs for both purchasing and maintenance.

With companies having to store more and more different kinds of data in the modern multi-platform environment, Mr Plumridge believes that all firms should consider the advantages of unified storage.

"I think even the relatively small organizations would benefit from this, as it allows them to make just one purchasing decision rather than three or four," he said.

His comments echo those of Greg Schulz, founder of, who says that unified storage also makes it easier to amalgamate data and departments.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler