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Firms urged to consider managed hosting for cloud data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Firms using cloud computing for their data management should opt for managed hosting in order to use the system most effectively.

This is the view of Phil Wainewright, vice-chairman for EuroCloud, who says that it can seem daunting for smaller firms to take on the extra cost of using managed hosting.

However, those companies employing in-house IT staff can make much better use of these workers' time by not tying them to day-to-day maintenance and software upgrades related to the cloud.

Also, by diverting these resources in this way, firms can help to move their business forward through IT, Mr Wainewright adds.

"If you have in-house staff, you can employ their skills better by working with the online applications and getting the most out of them, rather than just having them keeping servers running," he concluded.

A recent study by the Poneman Institute recently warned that many IT security professionals and compliance offers have differing views on how cloud computing should be approached.

Posted by Paul Newton