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Firms urged to embrace all mobile platforms

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers need to change their IT strategies to include all forms of mobile devices.

This is the view of David Akka, director for Magic Software Enterprises, who says that in times gone by, firms could set up their operations to concentrate on one specific sector, such as Blackberry or Apple iOS.

However, such has become the prevalence of mobile devices that none can be ignored, Mr Akka says, and IT strategies must be able to cope with all of them.

He goes on to explain: "Ideally what enterprises want is to have an Apple application that is able to run on Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

"The platform takes care of deployment on multiple platforms – this is one challenge."

A recent survey of small enterprises by Timico found that 72 per cent of them are concerned about how to handle data management when staff are using their own mobile devices in the workplace.

Posted by Paul Newton