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Firms weighing up risks for virtualized data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies are becoming more attuned to the potential risks of using a public cloud network for their data management.

This is the view of Seth Robinson, author of the CompTIA report Trends in Cloud Computing, who says that firms are now looking at all the variables when it comes to choosing a cloud network.

While private cloud networks may be more expensive, the provider may take more responsibility over the security of data stored on the cloud, so it is up to firms to consider the importance of protection and liability.

"It's going to be more circumstantial and more situation-based moving forward as companies determine how much risk they're willing to take on," he said.

Californian firm Ventana Research recently warned companies engaging with virtualized data storage that they must consider what impact a cloud network could have on data quality.

It also found that 43 per cent of firms have three or more services currently operating from the cloud.

Posted by Paul Newton