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Flexible futures with unified storage

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Incorporating unified storage into data management procedures can make a business more flexible, an expert suggests.

The chairman of SNIA Europe, Bob Plumridge, says that businesses across the globe can benefit from using unified storage for data management.

Mr Plumridge points out that a company may currently be using an Oracle system for its processes, but in future it might want to drive most of its business operations through network file systems on the internet.

With unified storage in place, firms will be able to make this change at their own speed, without having to worry about a dramatic overhaul of data management procedures.

"In the future, [companies are] not going to have to go out and make another big investment, just because their business model is changing," he said.

Research from the Aberdeen Group recently revealed that the average company has experienced a 40 per cent rise in data volumes during 2010.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler