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Focus on mobility with CRM systems, expert claims

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses thinking about purchasing a new customer relationship management (CRM) system may be interested in the recent comments of one expert.

Offering tips on mistakes to avoid when implementing a new solution, Martin Schneider, senior director of communications at SugarCRM, told the eCRMGuide website that organizations need to think about mobility.

He explained that in the modern business environment, optimizing CRM solutions for mobility is one of the most important things to consider.

Considering that today's sales force is mobile, a CRM system should also be mobile, Mr Schneider said.

However, he told the news provider that all too often companies are persisting to use CRM systems that don't easily synch with mobile devices.

"Ensure that your CRM system's mobile capabilities are tethered to the core CRM platform - and not another system that needs to be bought, configured, implemented and maintained alongside the core CRM system," Mr Schneider explained.

He added that organizations should look to focus on the process of a system, rather than buying it based upon individual features.

Posted by Paul Newman