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Focus on positives of data quality schemes, practitioners told

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Individuals presenting the case for data quality must ensure that they focus on the positive benefits of implementing schemes, it has been claimed.

This is the view of OCDQ blogger Jim Harris, who worries that business decision makers may be unable to comprehend the full scale of problems that poor data quality causes.

"You need to demonstrate that poor data quality is not a myth - it is a real business problem that negatively impacts the quality of decision-critical enterprise information," Mr Harris explained.

Earlier this year, writing on his Data Quality Pro website, Dylan Jones claimed that businesses that do not address data quality problems face a potential PR disaster.

The expert stated that an influx of customer complaints is likely to damage the reputation of a company.

Mr Jones said that the age of social media means that news about issues which are not addressed can spread quickly through communities formed by consumers.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler