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Follow 'basic guidelines' for email marketing success

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations hoping to utilize email marketing to drive sales and business growth have been top to follow basic guidelines if they want to see success.

Writing for the Creative Boom website, Lucy Clarke has explained that there is a fine line between raising awareness of a campaign and getting flagged up as spam.

"As you'll be keen to have your emails opened and read, you'll want to avoid making any mistakes that will have the recipient immediately clicking delete," she added.

In addition, the social media commentator recommended that marketers keep any correspondence personal if they want to drive both their reading and click-through rates.

Ms Clarke also revealed that including text links as well as a graphical button within emails means that subscribers will be able to click through - even if email images are disabled by default.

Elsewhere, Carissa Newton, director of marketing at Delivra, recently claimed on that including links to social media platforms can be effective in email marketing because of their viral nature.

Posted by Paul Newman