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For more successful data quality programs, think of the business

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The Master Data Management blog explains that creating a data quality and management program simply for the sake of having good data will not be enough to motivate employees and business leaders. Instead, companies need to focus on how data impacts various business issues.

"A business person is far more likely to see the point of a project to 'reduce overall debtor's days by x percent' than they are in a project intended to 'improve the accuracy of addresses,'" the blog remarks.

Specifically working on business issues allows companies to determine exactly what kind and what form of data they need to solve a question or problem, the source notes. This reduces the scope of the program and can make it more manageable. 

In a later post, the blog extends this situation to address quality specifically. Even if a company is trying to enact an address management program for marketing, financial, legal or some other purpose, the data itself is not the business problem. Rather, it can concern revenue enhancement, such as getting more money from better debt collection, or operational efficiency, allowing the organization to cut down on the cost of sending out undeliverable mail that must then be returned.