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Front-end address verification software has 'many benefits'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Organizations interested in getting the most out of their address data should consider implementing front-end address verification software.

Writing for TCM Net, David Sims explains that the technology should be viewed as an enabler that can be utilized across a variety of data capture platforms "within a multitude of enterprise scenarios".

The industry expert highlights the numerous benefits that introducing such a system can have for businesses.

For example, in addition to simple address verification, the front-end software can also offer address correction and enrichment.

"By implementing address verification software directly within the mediums that are directly interacting with your customers, such as call centers, kiosks, etc., companies and their customers can partner to ensure the most effective use of their address information," Mr Sims wrote.

Meanwhile, recent research conducted by Experian found that 15 to 24-year-olds are highly responsive to direct mail advertising.

The news may lead to an increase in the number of marketers looking to see how address verification software can help them to reach their target audience.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler