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Fujitsu to launch new cloud service

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new cloud computing service is to be launched by Fujitsu at the end of this month in North America.

The firm will run the Infrastructure-as-a-Service product out of its Silicon Valley data center in California.

It marks the first level of the firm's establishment of its cloud services, Jody Little, vice-president of cloud portfolio management at Fujitsu America, explained.

The company has also been bringing the platform online in Singapore, the UK and Australia over the past six months.

While the Silicon Valley is the only data center to support the North American region in cloud services, the company is also considering setting up a disaster-recovery site for cloud in its Dallas data center.

Meanwhile, there is further room for expansion at the new data center.

There are a total of 85 data centers around the world owned by Fujitsu and five of these are located in North America.