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Full benefits of Intelligent Mail® can only be enjoyed with extra software

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses in the US are being reminded that if they want to utilize Intelligent Mail barcodes to track items in the post they need to use the United States Postal Service's (USPS®) Confirm service.

An article for industry news portal Presort drew attention to the fact that although the Intelligent Mail feature facilitates the ability to track mailpieces, it needed to be teamed with USPS's additional tool in order for it to function correctly.

The barcode works by sending real-time information, such as address data and tracking information, back to the Confirm software or the USPS website.

US marketers looking to utilize the service during direct mail campaigns may be interested to hear that USPS used the recent US Census to demonstrate the benefits of the service.

According to DMNews, the postal service tracked hundreds of millions of forms as they were distributed across the country and showed the results to industry professionals at the recent National Mailers Forum.

Posted by Paul Newton