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Future retail strategies to involve data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
According to a USA Today report on retail's future direction, many elements of the sales environment will soon be determined by information gathered from customers. In a business climate moving increasingly online, the entire nature of a customer's experience with a seller can be adjusted and personalized.

"The first 15 years of online shopping was about making it easier for people to find and purchase items they were looking for," Facebook platform partner David Fisch told the source. "Now, it's about helping you find what you may not know about, based on your social [media profile]."

USA Today reported that department store giant Target already takes data from email communication, website access and purchase records. Keeping data organized and accurate could be the difference between a closely tailored shopping environment and one plagued with mistaken information unlikely to lead to sales.

Marketers, for their part, are very excited about the possibilities of new information usage. A recent report by CSO Insights indicated that, even though only 16 percent of sales organizations are currently equipped to handle big data, 71 percent predict there will be sales changes based on the technology. Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of the survey's sponsor, suggested that sales professionals have the most to gain from new big data systems.