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Gaps revealed between cloud plans and reality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Recent research has suggested that there are gaps between the reality of cloud computing and people's expectations.

Conducted by Symantec, the study showed that more than 75 per cent of organizations are discussing private and hybrid cloud deployments.

However, early investments in technologies such as server and storage virtualization, have revealed that organizations are still learning about what these technologies are actually capable of and how to overcome the challenges they bring with them.

John Magee, vice-president of virtualization and cloud solutions at Symantec, commented: "Cloud computing represents a major shift within IT - changing from a traditional IT delivery to a service-provider model.

"Moving to the cloud is a complex evolution for many companies and it's essential that IT and executives are aligned on initiatives."

He added: "Virtualization is an enabler for private and hybrid clouds and our survey shows that planning a seamless move is critical to achieving all the simplicity, affordability and efficiency that these environments have to offer."