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Get better at email marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketing continues to be a pivot point in many multichannel marketing campaigns, but some critics have said that it has lost its power amid flooded inboxes. In order to make the messages you send online more effective and better able to deliver a return on investment, it may be necessary to develop an advertising strategy that includes data quality.

Contact data quality plays a role in producing more targeted campaigns. By pairing transactional histories and customer preferences with their client files, your company can potentially segment your email lists by interests, location, channel preference or other demographic data.

Writing for Chief Marketer, Beth Negus Viveiros advises also setting up emails that can be sent out depending on consumers' behavior on a website.

"Make email a bigger part of your marketing program by going beyond your usual blasts," Ross Dramer, Listrak CEO, told the news outlet. "Large retailers mail once a day, and that might be something for a smaller merchant to consider." This can be an especially lucrative tactic for an ecommerce retailer.

Viveiros also reports that email messages can provide a link to a company's social media efforts and cross-promote across profiles with screenshots and reviews.