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Get big data plans under control with a little structure

Rachel Wheeler Archive
When CIOs were asked whether or not big data could get their organizations a significant advantage in a recent TechRepublic Jury, the answer was a resounding "yes." In fact, 10 of the participating CIOs said they believed benefits would be realized from a big data strategy, while only two responded differently. Big data isn't just reeling in decision makers in one field, either. The information officers represented financial institutions, healthcare facilities, IT companies and universities.

Despite the enthusiasm, some of the leaders are approaching the unstructured data with caution, TechRepublic explains.

"There is a danger that instead of analyzing unstructured data to provide further information that we add additional overhead across the organization and incur information overload as a result with no tangible benefit," Graham Yellowley, CTO of equities, risk and client service at LCH Clearnet, told the source. "It will be a few years yet before this becomes a requirement, if at all."

Just because data governance isn't yet a requirement doesn't mean it isn't best practice for companies hoping to find golden nuggets of information in their databases. CIO recommends that organizations proactively structure their systems to ensure data quality remains high.