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Getting the most out of email marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketing offers a number of opportunities to connect with consumers and spread awareness about a particular business or special sale. Yet without email validation and attempts to make email campaigns more targeted, companies run the risk of annoying customers and hurting their promotional efforts.

Dian Buzzeo writes for Direct Marketing News that an email system triggered by consumer activity can be achieved if a business segments its customer lists and personalizes its communications. 

"Today's email marketing technology is turning campaigns into more than just blasts about sales," Buzzeo writes. "A modern email marketing program not only interacts with customers; it gets to know them."

In a separate post for the source, Rob Price calls on direct marketers to make sure their emails are useful for customers. Content doesn't always have to be about a discount or promotion, it can also offer tips or other educational material. Additionally, the headline of and message in an email should be written so that recipients can quickly scan the words and get an accurate idea of what it's about. Including engaging copy can be the difference between a customer deleting and acting upon your email.