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Global subscriber data management market to grow in coming years

Rachel Wheeler Archive
According to market research carried out by Infonetics Research, worldwide spending on services will climb at a fast pace in the coming years moving towards a backend database.

"The focus of the subscriber data management (SDM) market is moving away from applications toward a backend database," Shira Levine, directing analyst for policy at Infonetics Research, said.

She explained that this can act as a consolidation point for subscriber data from multiple sources, including IT systems such as CRM, billing, and fulfilment.

"As this occurs, IT vendors with master data management capabilities will begin influencing this space and potentially even impact the market share of traditional SDM suppliers," Ms Levine added.

The firm's worldwide and regional Subscriber Data Management Software and Services survey aims to provide an insight into market size and forecasts through to 2014.

Posted by Richard Jones