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Good customer service drives sales and retention

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retail sites must ensure that they put the customer at the center of their business, to improve their bottom line.

Writing for ZD Net, industry expert John Knightly, has highlighted the importance of good customer service and interaction for e-commerce retailers.

He highlights the advances that have been made in customer experience management which have helped to achieve this goal.

To this end, Mr Knightly explained that the transformation could be as simple as allowing customers to make orders on multiple devices or as complex as a new digital information service that updates continuously based on an end user's location.

"Successfully serving customers in the digital era involves more than just building self-service websites or trying to efficiently manage customer information inside an organization," he added.

Indeed, a successful customer experience management program can help organizations to drive sales as well as inspiring loyalty among consumers.

"Successful organizations understand that 'business as usual' or even simply meeting customer expectations is not enough," My Knightly concluded.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler