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Good data keeps email marketing relevant

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketing has faced several serious challenges to its role in customer outreach over the past few years. According to Channel Partners, however, there is still a vital place for the old online warhorse. There are a few traits that can take an email marketing campaign and inject strength into it. The source emphasized the importance of a consistent and organized mailing list.

Email address verification and other data quality tools can be important for mailing list managers eager to reach as many subscribers as possible and spread their messages effectively. Channel Partners mentioned that companies may want their mailing lists divided into categories for targeted outreach, an effort that could prove futile with poor-quality data.

Actually collecting the information to make up the subscriber list is another challenge for companies. Channel Partners suggested targeted efforts with the promise of rewards such as exclusive whitepaper downloads rather than purchasing lists of names.

Business 2 Community had its own take on email marketing, focusing on mistakes that companies can avoid. The source suggested sending specifically tailored messages to the subsets within a subscriber base, rather than hoping for success with a more general, untargeted effort.