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Google changes to reward 'fresher content'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers can generate more site traffic with more up-to-date content, it has been revealed.

According to search engine giant Google, its new algorithm for generating organic search results will produce "fresher content".

This means that should customers be searching for a particular product, Google will bring the most up-to-date information about these products to the head of the results page.

Responding to the announcement, which was made on Google's official blog, Kevin Lee, chief executive officer of search marketing firm Didit, says online merchants need to rethink the way they provide product descriptions and reviews.

"A balanced approach will be to add user reviews to existing content and rotate new reviews in regularly," he told Internet Retailer.

Stefan Boyle, founder of Print Republic, says that generating customer leads is the most important issue when starting an e-commerce enterprise.

Posted by Richard Jones