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Google to launch seawater-cooled data center

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A data center that is cooled by seawater is to be launched by search giant Google.

The firm plans to serve live traffic from the center, improving its efficiency substantially.

As the first seawater-cooled data center in the world, the construction is somewhat unusual.

According to Reuters, the building functions by using complex filtration systems made out of titanium plates, which do not corrode as fast as other materials on contact with salt water.

However, the system will need to be cleaned without being taken offline, which, according to the firm's employee Joe Kava, is something that Google has worked hard to achieve.

Heat transfer units are at the heart of the system as seawater is pumped into the system, cooling the data center, before the water itself is cooled slightly before being pumped back out to sea.

Google does not yet know the exact PUE efficiency of the data center since it is not yet active, but it is expected to be around 1.1 or 1.2.