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Governance can hinge on employee efforts

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Keeping data quality high and making sure information is available when it is needed are vital components of business strategy. A focused governance program could be the answer to many companies' problems. According to TechTarget, there are specific actions workers can take to make sure it succeeds.

The source suggested that companies focus on these "data steward" positions. A steward is an employee focused on keeping the users responsible for inputting and using data responsible for keeping quality high. Such a program would also be responsible for writing and maintaining the rules and regulations it exists to enforce.

Consultant William McKnight told TechTarget that establishing a data stewardship program is often highly difficult. He explained, however, that companies that fight through the initial adoption period and create a functioning steward role reap significant data quality benefits to make the early difficulties worthwhile.

Ensuring information is accurate enough to use in everyday business is a complex, multipart process, hence the need for dedicated professionals. According to the Harvard Business Review's Thomas Redman, firms need to first understand any outstanding problems with data reserves before imposing prevention programs. Both steps are highly important for long-term success.