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Governance comes into focus

Rachel Wheeler Archive
As law firms become increasingly dependent on their data stores, keeping that information safe and in compliance with industry regulations has become a genuine area of focus for professionals in the field. According to CMSWire, there is a rising movement within the legal profession seeking to make governance a key facet of companies' tech efforts.

The source reported from an ITLA panel discussion regarding the future of information in law. According to the source, legal officials largely see governance as a way to stay on the right side of data management laws, as well as keep information stores in check. While it can do those things, it can also hold organization-wide benefits.

The source reported that the benefits of the strong data quality and other regulatory controls from a good governance program will affect numerous departments within a firm. CMSWire suggested leaders of such programs promote benefits separately to those most likely to appreciate them.

According to Business 2 Community contributor Michael Brenner, there is a case to be made for governance in the business world in general. The source noted that companies with such programs in place boast better data quality, stronger customer service and fewer holes in service.