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Governance should be the key to records management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Governance needs to be put at the front of records management, according to an industry expert.

Carla Mangado, writing for, said that establishing hierarchies, boundaries and ownership is key to data governance.

However, she added that while every industry expert should be thinking about this topic, coming up with a strategy is not as easy.

Speaking to the source, Alberto Ricciotti, the head of global modeling and warehousing in the data governance department at Unicredit, said: "When building up data governance, you have to think it is not the only solution. You need management to sponsor your view and support the data governance structure. To reach this point, inevitably you need to gain user community confidence and support."

He went on to say that a long-term approach needs to be taken with records management, with businesses looking to turn focus into opportunities.

Recently, Finn Rye, writing for Computer Weekly, noted that technical solutions are not always the answer to data governance issues, with planning and communication being more important aspects.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler