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Government agencies look to address data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Government agencies are working hard to ensure that data quality is a primary concern on their consumer-facing websites, it has been claimed.

According to Fierce Government IT, Vivek Kundra, the chief federal information officer, has reassured US citizens that data released through the Open Government Directive is of a high standard, with accuracy an important feature.

"Agencies actually fill out a very detailed template about the data set itself, not just about the name of the data set, but also get into when was it collected, how was it collected, the statistical element around the data set itself and the frequency of the collection itself," the news provider reported Mr Kundra as saying.

Furthermore, the government officer feedback tools on its website were proving to be useful as "people are getting back to us and ranking and rating data sets", which is helping to drive data quality up, he said.

Recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency released its plans to ensure that its spending data is current and of a high quality.

Posted by Paul Newman